MR. Atul Saxena (Research & Development)

Atul has completed his Bachelor’s degree from NDRI, Karnal, India provided him with an integrated education base and insights into the fields starting from dairy farming & village extension to milk and food processing to process engineering & equipment to project management & marketing.

At MCL he feels fortunate to practice his passion to innovation and pursue it as business too.

He has been intensely involved in bio fuel technology development since year 2001. While most of the R&D happens in labs first, he follows a non conventional route to start with real life projects on a pilot scale.

This approach provides a deep insight into real challenges as they would occur when technology is actually implemented in field.

Atul is currently considered as the most experienced person in Indian Bio fuel arena with extensive as well as expansive practical knowledge in this highly specialized field.

Atul has served on many technical committees, panels and boards and has been a keynote speaker and invited faculty at several national and international bio fuel forums, events and workshops. He has co-authored India’s first publication on 3rd generation bio fuels-“Algae Bio fuels”, and it is finding immense acceptance worldwide.

Mr. Tushar Naik (Head Finance)

Tushar is a financial expert with long 19 years experience in a sector. He has done his masters in business administration from Mumbai.

He handles instruments like debt, equity, merger-acquisition solutions etc but his area of specialisation is retail asset and infra projects.

He has served many financial institutions at very senior level, like Vice-President in HSBC bank where he was looking after western India operations.

At MCL, he feels fortunate to have the opportunity to serve masses like farmers empowerment and entrepreneurial growth , where he is active in providing long term finances to various projects in rural India and also serve capital requirement in big manufacturing units of MCL.

He looks after finances and also heads fund raising for various projects in team MCL.

Mr. Dattatray Divekar (CSR & Social Projects)

Divekar sir has a experience of 40 years with working in NGO for various social issues. Attracted towards social concept of MCL ,Divekar sir is with MCL since inception and now actively working for various social projects of MCL for various Government institutions and also institutions, housing colonies etc. The projects that are not for profits , but for society, creating jobs and also for betterment of social environment.