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Integrity: We will be fair, honest, transparent in our businesses and we shall do only Right Thing even if no one is around
Responsibility: We shall be 100% accountable to work assigned and thus to all our stakeholders like our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities at large
Passion: We shall do every work with utmost interest and focus in the subject to achieve the highest standard of quality in our products, our innovation , our operations and related things in business execution to make it excellent
Respect: We will be always humble and sincere to all our stakeholders so to progress ourselves at each step of operation
Humanity: We will show through all our behavior the only religion that we practice is Humankind.


Each person who is associated with MCL must follow and propagate these code of conduct throughout his lifetime to achieve our MCL MISSION.

Maintain confidentiality. MCL shall be teaching and sharing with you extremely valuable information. You should never share these confidential information with anybody including your family members and best friends. The design, drawings and documents should never be emailed or photocopied for sharing with others.
Get rid of ego as soon as possible. Always be calm, humble and polite.
Stop criticizing, condemning & complaining. Never speak ill about anybody in the MCL community.
Be always transparent for any financial transaction among MCL stakeholder. Remember Money will be always byproduct to the work you perform.
Promotion of competitive business, MLM, Religion or Politics is strictly not allowed in the community talking.
Punctuality is the key to success. All must be present on time for every meeting arranged by MCL community.
Obey elders and seniors. Protect fellow community members, juniors & ladies. Everybody should feel safe with you.
Give honest sincere appreciation. Always inspire and help people around you by exploring positive qualities of people and talk about them in public.

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Keep an eye on fellow community members, if you note any violation, please do not hesitate to bring it to the knowledge of Administration in writing. The violators shall be strictly punished/suspended/terminated.

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