MCL Piped Natural Gas (mPNG)

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mPNG also known as MCL Piped Natural Gas, or bio-methane, is chemically identical to fossil natural gas. mPNG is a renewable fuel, easily distributed through existing infrastructure and is suitable for various applications such as cooking, fuel in furnace, electricity generation etc.

mPNG is a premium fuel and is an excellent replacement of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Kitchens,Cafeteria and others. This gas can be filled in cylinders & transported like LPG fuel. It is commonly used in restaurants or domestic kitchens.

MCL Organic Fertilizer (mOF)

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Continuous use of chemical fertilizer not only reduces natural fertility of soil leading to reduced crop production over a period of time, but also increases the risk of contracting cancer. MCL Organic Fertilizer (mOF), a byproduct of MCL Natural Gas manufacturing process contains up to 15% of Organic Carbon. mOF increases fertility on every use.
Containing better minerals, this premium quality mOF can be the perfect substitute for chemical fertilizers & perfect nutrient for farm.

MCL Compressed Natural Gas (mCNG)

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mCNG is an upgraded version of CBG (Compressed Bio Gas) can be used Auto Gas that is a replacement of Fossil CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). It is a premium gaseous enriched biofuel consisting of high grade methane i.e. with a purity of more than 99%. It can be used as a replacement of petrol and diesel in transportation sector just like CNG.

mCNG is lighter than air and disperses quickly without any dangerous accumulation. The ignition temperature of mCNG is higher than liquid fuels. mCNG delivers high performance at low cost. It increases mileage and gives a higher average than that of petrol. Thus we can confidently say that mCNG is the safest and cheapest fuel available. It can be dispensed via existing CNG filling stations or new filling stations can be planned to dispense mCNG.

Renewable compressednatural gas are usually filled in cars straightforwardly at gas stations or beused in industries through bottling it in cylinders called as mCNG Cascade.

MCL Recycled Water (mRW)

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Official data in the past decade depicts that about 163 million Indians lack access to safe drinking water. Along with the strain on surface water, we are also facing great stress with freshwater.Most of the existing sources of drinking water have been lost due to contamination of its sources. Thus the need of the hour is a safe and pure drinking water source that MCL is capable of providing.

With the use of advanced technology, waste water can be converted into ultra clean water which can be consumed for drinking purpose. All types of liquid waste is recycled to produce ultra clean water. Potable water quantity is proportionate to liquid waste input. Quality of water assured by daily lab reports. This water can be reused by the institution or can be sold as packaged water.

MCL Green Diesel (mGD)

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Already being relied on fossil fuels for many years now, the source of fossil fuels is continuously degrading resulting in scarcity of crude in next few years. Carbon dioxide emission is main contaminant which goes into the air when fossil fuels are burned. mGD is produced in factory imitating the nature’s process of degrading matters to create crude. mGD is not only contributing towards reducing pollution on its use; it also doesn’t harm planet during its manufacture unlike extraction of fossil ones.

Another significant advantage of mGD is that it can be directly used in vehicles, automobiles without any modification of engine or could be used for Industrial purpose for generation of energy.

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