MCL Piped Cooking Gas Generator (mRFG)

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This project could be established in Hotels, restaurants, hospitals,institutions, residential, railway stations to convert in-house solid and liquid waste to renewable cooking gas and renewable soil conditioner as byproduct. This project should ideally be situated within a premises where the supply of feedstock (organic/wet biomass) is available and where the cooking gas is required. This project can supply mRFG through pipeline to the premises.

It is an Integrated Solid and Liquid Waste management project specially designed for various institutions like hotels, housing colonies, hospitals, resorts, education institutions, offices, wards etc. It shall produce potable quality water and cooking gas to replace LPG. It shall make the complete premises a “Zero Waste Premises”.

Zero Waste City (For Municipalities under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan)

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In India, 62 million tonnes (MT) of municipal solid waste is generated per annum. Only 43 MT of the waste is collected, 11.9 MT is treated and 31 MT is dumped in landfill sites. Currently, under “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, all municipal corporations are striving hard to find right technology project to eliminate mixed solid waste.

MCL has its USP in development of technologies to convert all kinds of Mixed Solid Waste to renewable fuels such as natural gas and diesel. The process is done using micro-organisms instead of burning it to a high temperature and pressure. This project with new and best technology for waste management can handle waste without segregation. Complete Scientific Elimination of Mixed Unsegregated Waste.

With this project, we aspire to renew our habitat and surroundings to be as neat and green as original.

MCL Biofuel Estate (MBE)

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MBE is a project where the organic and inorganic feedstock that can enter the ROGWell is brought and treated using micro-organisms to produce top quality MCL Green Diesel and MCL Compressed Natural Gas.

The project can be established at commercial level to convert all types of organic feedstock to natural gas by processing at one centralized plant. The gas will be compressed at high pressure and can be supplied to industries through cascades of cylinders to replace LPG, Diesel etc. The produced mCNG and mGD can be used in vehicles in existing infrastructure.

MCL Village Project (MVP)

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The project is for rural entrepreneurs providing them opportunity to develop biomass farm, harvesting, collection and transportation network of biomass/energy crops. The project involves active participation of Gram Panchayat, leading rural entrepreneurs, and farmers.

The raw material input in MVP is the mixed solid waste collected from households of the area of jurisdiction of Gram Panchayat. The obtained material is then pre-processed to filter out and segregate matter on the basis of size and material of construction. The matter acceptable to the ROGWell is then sent to the MBEproject for further treatment after volume reduction.

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