ROGWELL ( Renewable Oil and Gas well)

It is project converting various types of biomass and also waste into renewable crude gas and renewable crude oil, which further on refining gives us the fuels confirming all the Indian and Global standards

Clean Fuel Generator ( CFG )

It is a Integrated Solid and Liquid Waste management project specially designed for various institutuions like hotels, housing colonies, hospitals, resorts, education institutions, offices , wards etc.

It shall produce potable quality water ( 90% of input) and Cooking gas to replace LPG or Electricity for the institutions. It shall make the complete premises “a Zero Waste Premises”

Waste Management Projects for Municipal Corporations ( Swachh Bharat Abhiyan)

Currently , under “ Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” , all municipal corporations are struggling hard to find right technology project to eliminate mixed solid waste. Our Projects are much superior projects with best and new technology for waste management and can handle waste without segregation. USP : Complete Scientific Elimination of Mixed Unsegregated Waste

Renewable Piped Commercial Cooking Gas Manufacturing Project

This project should ideally be situated within a commercial establishment who can supply the feedstock (waste) and consume the gas. In this project 100 scm of rPNG shall be supplied through pipeline to the commercial establishments. This project could be established in Hotels,restaurtants, hospitals, instituations, residentials,railway stations to convert inhouse solid and liquid waste to renewable cooking gas,renewable ultraclean water and renewable soil conditioner.

Renewable Bottled Industrial Gas Manufacturing Project

The project would be established at commercial level to convert all types organic feedstock to natural gas by processing at one centralized plant. The gas will be compressed at high pressure and would be supplied to industries through cascades of cylinders.

MCL Village Projects (MVP)

The project is for rural entrepreneurs providing them opportunity to develop biomass farm, harvesting, collection and transportation network of biomass/ energy crops. The project involves active participation of grampanchayat, rural leaders, and farmers.