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  • Application for MBS with deposit along with KYC

  • Select the tahsil

  • Register name of your company (MCL Biofuel Start Up Company, known as MBS) for your project. It could be proprietary, or LLP or partnership or private / public limited as per the convenience and requirements of MBS

  • Complete all the legal formalities, agreements etc with MCL for MBE (MCL Biofuel Estate project)

  • Open an account of MBS with local bank

  • Now, start the process of formation of MCL Farmer Producer Organization (MPO). All the details of the formation and working about MPO is given MPO Manual. ( please ask your seniors for it)

  • Register name and address of your MPO with ROC

  • You will get help for MPO name registration from MCL

  • All the registration formalities of the MPO formation will be supported by MCL for MBS. ( please ask for the list of requirements from senior)

  • MCL have started “Special Department” to help all our entrepreneurs to start MPO. It will be “One Window Service” for all MPO related support, queries and everything related to it.

  • Get Special brochure of your own MPO for farmers designed from MCL

  • Open an account of MPO in nearby bank

  • There will a “LLP company” formation at taluka level with 3 partners

    • a) MBS
    • b) MPO
    • c) MCL
  • Taluka level LLP will be a company for implementation and execution of the taluka level MCL Biofuel Estate Project

  • Each partner of Biofuel Estate LLP will have their share in factory or biofuel estate in following way

    • i) MBS : Taluka level entrepreneur will always have 10% stake in company. Even if company reached from 10 tons (50 Cr company) to 100 tons (500 cr company) output.
    • ii) MPO : It will have stake depending upon its contribution from the members, maximum up to 10%
    • iii) MCL : It will invest 100% in the project (except land and permissions) and will have remaining stake. It will also contribute 100% for all welfare activities expenses in taluka
  • LLP will open separate account, where each partner will contribute towards project and it will be given to MCL for project implementation

  • You can start working for MPO promotion immediately, getting membership etc. once name and registered address is done. You need not wait for legal formalities to get completed, as per the guidelines of Government of India. MPO can complete all the formalities in due process

  • With MPO, each taluka level entrepreneur will completely assure the raw material supply for his factory and also can take his factory from 10 TPD output (50 cr company) to 100 TPD output, a 500 Cr enterprise.

  • Your target is to make minimum 10,000 members with around 50 lacs equity raised

  • Membership time period : In next 3 to 6 months time, however it may go on as per the local conditions

  • Simultaneously you must finalize the location for the factory and start the permissions and other legal requirements

  • Simultaneously you should also work for appointing MVP project entrepreneurs for each gram panchayats

  • We just need to bring 200 hectares of fertile land under cultivation of napier grass to run our factory on 10 TPD output permanently, and about 600 hectares of waste land

    Simultaneously 2000 hect fertile and 6000 hect waste land for 100 tons output per day permanently

  • MCL shall spend 20% of our net profits on welfare of tahsil. It will be from the individual profits of MCL and income of MBS and MPO will not be affected or utilized

  • MBS, MPO & MCL together shall bring economic and social development of tahsil while contributing to Nation Building

  • Investment of the taluka level entrepreneur : 10 Lacs ( 100% refundable deposit after 1 year)

  • Role and responsibilities :

    • a) Form company MCL Biofuel Start Up
    • b) Form MCL Farmer Producer Company (MPO)
    • c) Arrange land for biofuel estate project. The land will be in name of his own company. He is not giving that land to MCL.
    • d) All projects permissions and local liaison for the project to be done by him
    • e) Appointment of MVP project at each gram panchayats in tahsil
    • f) Strengthening farmers association for the project
    • g) Operation and maintenance of factory will be responsibility of MCL but it will happen in supervision and leadership of Taluka Level Entrepreneur.
    • h) Marketing is 100% responsibility of MCL


  • 1) You will be helping each family to get min Rs 5000 per month. It shall help you great social status and great respect in society
  • 2) You will get all the perks and benefits of the owner of factory
  • 3) You will be helping Education facilities, schools in your taluka
  • 4) You will be providing better medical facilities to people in your taluka
  • 5) Many benefits for the people to make your own tahsil, a better place to live in.
  • 6) You will always be remembered for your good work for society
  • 7) Lot and lots of Blessings
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