• Green Revolution -
    Made us self reliant in food grain

  • White Revolution -
    Made us self reliant in Milk.

  • MCL Revolution - Shall make us self reliant in fuel


About MCL

MCL is not just an organization but a revolution to make our nation fuel independent, transform environment protection and empower masses. We decided to build such a business that will have a deep impact on society and Mother Earth. The main objective of MCL is to manufacture sustainable cleanfuels from non-food feedstock like jatropha, algae, biomass and waste. We are even pioneers of rural development since over a decade with initiatives such as organic farming, energy crop farming, biomass farming and providing alternate avenues of income generation to farmers through innovative rural projects, supporting the village economy in a sustainable manner.

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Next Generation Cleanfuel Company

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To make India self-sufficient in fuels by 2030

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MCL is committed to develop value chain that will be devoted to energy, environment and empowerment of masses

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Core Values

If you want something new, then stop doing something old
If environmentalism is fad, then it will be the last one
It is not just an emotion but the ability to serve fellow countrymen

WhatsApp Helpline No. : +91 8727 8727 58.

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