Our Projects

Our projects aim to improve energy access, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and foster sustainable development in rural regions of India, thereby empowering masses, especially the farmers.

List of projects


mCoal offers a sustainable solution to replace fossil coal with carbon-negative bio coal, benefiting both farmers and the environment. Through energy farming with napier grass, rural communities can reduce their carbon footprint and improve their economic impact while promoting soil fertility.

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MCL Village Project (MVP)

MCL's Village Project (MVP) is a comprehensive effort to promote the development of farmers and rural entrepreneurs in India, with a focus on adopting sustainable and organic farming practices. By centering our business model around the Gram Panchayat and providing a one-stop solution, we aim to improve the standard of living and income of rural communities while phasing out chemical farming methods and promoting reusable products.

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MCL Bio-CNG Project

Encouraging the use of biofuels as a viable alternative to high priced oils, the MCL Bio-CNG Project produces two products - MCL Compressed Natural Gas (mCNG) and soil conditioners; whilst also addressing the health concerns caused by chemical consumption in our daily intake of green vegetables.

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