About MCL

We are MCL, a biofuel organization dedicated to the cause of energy and the environment via mass empowerment of the people.

About Company

We aim to uplift the economic standard of farmers and rural entrepreneurs because we are passionate about the people and our Mother Earth. We strive to restore the organic methodologies of garnering fuel from the environment to create a balance in the ecosystem.

Our Vision

To make India self-sufficient in fuels and a leading exporter of clean fuels in the world

Our Mission

Energy, Environment and Empowerment of Masses

Our Goal

To achieve fuel self-sufficiency for India

The Values That Define MCL


If you want something new, then stop doing something old.


If environmentalism is a fad, then it will be the last one.


It is not just an emotion but the ability to serve fellow countrymen.

Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics are centered around integrity, accountability, transparency, respect, and social responsibility and are applicable to all employees, contractors, and stakeholders associated with the organization.



MCL values honesty, fairness, and ethical conduct in all business operations, upholding high standards of integrity and promoting a culture of transparency and accountability.



MCL encourages all employees to take responsibility for their actions and decisions, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and company policies to promote responsible and ethical business practices.



MCL prioritizes transparency in all business operations, promoting open communication and disclosure of information to build trust and maintain strong relationships with employees, stakeholders, and the community.



MCL values diversity, inclusion, and respect for all individuals, promoting a safe and healthy workplace free from discrimination, harassment, and other inappropriate behavior.


Social Responsibility

MCL is committed to being a socially responsible company, prioritizing environmental sustainability and community development in all business operations, while also promoting the well-being of its employees and stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

Each person associated with MCL must follow and propagate this code of conduct throughout his life to achieve our MCL MISSION.

Maintain confidentiality. MCL shall be teaching and sharing with you extremely valuable information. You should never share this confidential information with anybody, including your family members and best friends. The design, drawings and documents should never be emailed or photocopied for sharing with others.

Get rid of ego as soon as possible. Always be calm, humble and polite.

Stop criticizing, condemning & complaining. Never speak ill about anybody in the MCL Community.

Be always transparent about any financial transaction among MCL stakeholders. Remember, Money will always be a byproduct of the work you perform.

Promotion of competitive Business, MLM, Religion or Politics is strictly not allowed in the community talking.

Punctuality is the key to success. All must be present on time for every meeting arranged by MCL Community.

Obey elders and seniors. Protect fellow community members, juniors and ladies. Everybody should feel safe with you.

Give honest, sincere appreciation. Always inspire and help people around you by exploring positive qualities and talking about them in public.

Keep an eye on fellow community members. If you note any violation, please do not hesitate to bring it to the knowledge of the administration in writing. The violators shall be strictly punished/suspended/terminated.

Our Journey

Start from zero, now we are family of a million


In-depth research and development on India’ scope for Renewable Energy in India


Meera Clean Fuels becomes a reality: Establishment of the entity


Roha Municipal Corporation commissions integrated solid and liquid waste projects


India's premier project for mixed organic waste conversion to natural gas is setup


Dhatav’s development as a Zero Waste Gram Panchayat


Execution of Renewal Natural Gas projects


Successful completion of CNG Kit and electricity testing using biofuel


Launch of Association campaign and MCL Producer Organisation


Introduction of MVP and MBE Projects


240+ MPO promoters and upto 12 lakh MCL farmer members onboarded


Mass movement growth to 500+ MPO promoters and upto 22 lakh MCL farmer members onboarded


Introduction to mCoal project and the project has achieved remarkable success with 14 operational sites showcasing its effective functionality.


Introduction of MEP and mCafe Projects

Meet Our Founders

Smt. Meera Shivaji Gholap


Since the inception of MCL, Smt. Meera Gholap has played a crucial role in several government programs aimed at promoting biofuels and environmental security. Through her efforts, large-scale Napier cultivation and Bio-CNG production from Napier grass were extensively promoted in Maharashtra, resulting in the establishment of several Bio-CNG manufacturing units and a large-scale Napier cultivation operation in Mumbai. Her sincere dedication and diverse cultivation methods to achieve the objective of producing Bio-CNG in India have been commendable. After receiving hands-on training, she established Meera Cleanfuels Limited in 2012 to carry out various biofuel initiatives and has remained actively involved in the organization since then. Smt. Gholap’s unwavering dedication to the cause has inspired and motivated the entire MCL team, setting a goal for future generations to work towards advancing the country’s economy and achieving self-sufficiency.

Dr. Sham Shivaji Gholap


Dr. Sham Shivaji Gholap, a Doctor from KEM (King Edward Memorial) College, embarked on his educational journey at the esteemed Dadar Municipal School in Dadar East. His pursuit of excellence led him to Ruparel College, where his exceptional academic prowess laid the foundation for a remarkable future. His educational journey culminated in MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). Dr. Gholap embodies a commitment to excellence and a vision for sustainable progress.

As the former Deputy Collector serving for over a decade in Raigad Alibaug, Dr. Gholap showcased unwavering dedication, precision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence throughout his illustrious civil service career. It was during this tenure that his leadership qualities truly shone, setting the stage for his pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future.

Currently serving as the Managing Director and CEO of Meera Cleanfuels Limited, Dr. Gholap’s passion for public service and his unwavering vision for a sustainable future birthed the company. His steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability led to the establishment of Meera Cleanfuels Limited, which stands as a beacon for innovative, eco-conscious solutions.

Under Dr. Gholap’s visionary leadership, Meera Cleanfuels Limited has emerged as a symbol of innovation, reshaping the energy landscape toward a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. His inventive thinking and unwavering dedication to positive change have propelled the organization’s mission to deliver groundbreaking advancements in biofuels and sustainable products. The company continues to offer cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions, shaping a brighter and more sustainable future under his expert guidance.

Dr. Sham Shivaji Gholap’s leadership has not only shaped Meera Cleanfuels Limited but also serves as an inspiration to all striving for a cleaner, greener world.

Dr. Lavesh Ramchandra Jadhav


Dr. Lavesh Ramchandra Jadhav, an MBBS graduate from Mumbai University, is enthusiastic about enhancing the well-being of humanity. He completed a post-graduate fellowship in Indo-USA Emergency medicine and has been an essential member of MCL since its inception. He actively contributes to the planning and implementation of various biofuel projects in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and other states, drawing upon his 15+ years of hands-on experience. He had worked in development of waste-to-cleanfuel projects in collaboration with municipal councils and district administrations. With over a decade of experience in the biofuel and environmental sectors, he has established a vast network in the biofuel industry in western India. Dr. Jadhav is a natural leader who can train and manage a large team, making him an invaluable asset to our diverse group of professionals.

Miss. Prachi Prakash Dhole


Miss. Prachi holds a postgraduate degree in petroleum engineering from Birla Institute of Technology & Science (Pilani). With a gold medal and prior experience at the Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun CSIR lab, she has been an essential contributor to MCL’s growth since its inception. As the Executive Director, she shoulders significant responsibilities, ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and meet technical standards. Her expertise in managing diverse entities, including project contributors, local governments, and government officials, has been instrumental in MCL’s success that makes her a vital pillar in MCL’s mission to promote a fuel-efficient nation and drive economic growth. As an expert in the agricultural sector, she has established a clean-fuel strategy based on the public-private partnership model, securing several government partnerships for MCL’s clean-fuel initiatives. Her hands-on experience in project execution has made her an invaluable asset to the team.

Our Team

Our powerful, tough team is the unbreakable pillar of our business, guaranteeing that every project will execute more efficiently

Aslam Shaikh

Chief Legal Officer

Sunny Tiwari

In-charge in Engineering Department

Aakash pardesi

Deputy Manager Engineer

Rajesh Gholap

Chief Creative officer

Abhijeet Worlikar

Sr. In-charge of Digital Marketing & Promotions

Sandeep Beloshe

Sr. Executive Administration

Rashmi Shirsekar

Sr. Admin Executive

Shweta Chavan

Deputy Chief HPD

Shalaka Patil

Sr. Project Manager

Our Achievements

We have achieved significant success in promoting the use of clean fuel in India by establishing several Bio-CNG manufacturing units and encouraging large-scale farmers’ upliftment.