MCL Bio-CNG Project

MCL Bio-CNG Project offers a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to meet the increasing global energy demand while reducing the carbon footprint through the production of biofuels and soil conditioners.

As global energy consumption continues to rise and oil prices become increasingly volatile, biofuels have emerged as a viable alternative. Additionally, growing concerns about the environmental impact of fossil fuels and the need for sustainable energy sources have made biofuels more important than ever.

The MCL Bio-CNG Project is designed to meet this need by producing MCL Compressed Natural Gas (mCNG) and soil conditioners. MCL Bio-CNG Project is a commercially viable project that converts all types of organic staples to natural gas at a central plant in each taluka.

The initiative also aims to address the health concerns caused by chemical consumption in our daily intake of green vegetables. The organic soil fertilizer or conditioners produced in the plant enhance healthy farming and contribute to overall growth of Mother Earth.