MCL Soil Conditioners

A compound to improving the crop quality, by minimizing soil and water pollution, and eliminating drawbacks from chemicals.

MCL's Natural Soil Conditioners provide a sustainable solution for maintaining soil fertility, enhancing crop quality, and reducing soil and water pollution by utilizing plant and animal waste, treated sewage sludge, and agricultural plant waste. Through an aerobic fermentation process and careful processing, these conditioners are transformed into powders, pellets, and blends that encourage bacterial biomass and nutrient mineralization, resulting in long-term benefits for plant growth and soil health.

How it Works

These fertilizers are made using natural plant and animal resources, such as manure, guano, bone meal, fish powder, and wood ash, along with mined rock minerals like phosphate rock. Over-application of synthetic fertilizers can lead to salt build-up in soil, while organic fertilizers are a safer and sustainable alternative.


MCL uses compost turners for aerobic fermentation to make soil fertilizer or conditioner for agricultural and other uses such as gardening and vegetable cropping for farmers.


The fermented ingredients are broken down into powders using crushers and uniformly blended in mixing facilities. Pelletization is then used to convert the powder into pellets, which are screened and coated for high-quality fertilizers.


The main organic fertilizers are made from bio-waste from plants, animals, agriculture, and treated sewage sludge, such as peat, animal waste, and plant waste. The end product is packaged for transportation and storage for customer use.

Advantages of mNSC

A healthy and productive soil is the foundation of successful agriculture, and our organic fertilizers offer numerous benefits to improve soil fertility, crop quality, and minimize pollution, making them a sustainable choice for farmers, gardeners and other consumers alike.


MCL's organic fertilizers contain a significant amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential nutrients for plant growth.


These fertilizers are made from natural sources, such as plants and animals, and contain a significant quantity of organic matter, which can improve soil health and structure.


The nutritional content of MCL's organic fertilizers is clearly specified on the package, ensuring that farmers can make informed decisions about their application.


Unlike synthetic chemical fertilizers, MCL's organic fertilizers provide additional benefits beyond nutrients, which can enhance the efficiency of their application.


The use of MCL's organic fertilizers can improve crop quality, yield, and soil fertility over the long term.


By using organic fertilizers, farmers can minimize soil and water pollution caused by synthetic fertilizers, promoting environmental sustainability.