Our Products

MCL produces a range of sustainable and environmentally-friendly products, including biofuels, organic fertilizers, and carbon-negative bio coal, all of which are designed to promote a cleaner, greener future.

List of Products

MCL Compressed Natural Gas (mCNG)

MCL manufactures a premium enhanced gaseous fuel from high-grade biomethane using an improvised multi-stage biogas purification process. mCNG is a renewable energy source generated from biomass and is identical in composition and energy potential to commercially available natural gas. It has the potential to replace fossil fuels in transportation, industry, and households, reducing dependency on crude oil imports.

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MCL Sustainable Products (mSP)

mSP (MCL Sustainable Products) offers a non-toxic alternative to petrochemical products, making our lives healthier and the planet a better place. Their Bio-Rubber and Bio-Plastics are as strong as petrochemical materials, but with none of the drawbacks, and are also biodegradable, having no detrimental impact on the environment. With their range of environmentally conscious products, MCL aims to change our lives' purpose and reduce our harm to the environment.

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MCL Soil Conditioners

MCL's Organic Soil Conditioner is a sustainable solution for maintaining soil health and crop quality, while reducing pollution. Made from organic waste, it is a slow-release fertilizer that improves nutrient availability over time.

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